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Here is where you can write more about you. Let the visitor of your blog know what you do, how you can help them to make their life easier, and so on.

After showing some of the blog posts, now it is high time to show your fans about the services or courses you offer, so they can get benefited and you as well.

  • Check my courses

    For a better user experience, you could give a link to your Service page or list the services here. Isn't it that cool! A better user experience make better engagement.

    1. Service or Course Title
    2. Another Service or Course Title
  • Work with me

    This is just an example, we named it "Work With Me". You can name it anything you want, and guide your fans accordingly, so you will get the most benefit.

  • Contact with me

    This is just an example showing your potential prospects that how easy it is to contact you. You could write your Email address, or Phone number here, or even just take the user to your Contact page with a link.

  • Add more item

    You can add as many accordion as you want according to your need. And obviously just using a Mouse Click. Isn't it so cool!

    So just add or arrange them, so these can serve your need.

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Okay! by showing the above content, you now already gained some kind of attention to your readers. Now it is time to put a CTA, that is to collect their email so you can send newsletter and make sell.

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To get more customers, creating awareness about your personal brand is a must. Show your Instagram feed here, and create awareness to your readers and make more sell.